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3 Tell Tale Indicators Your Pool Shell Has Been Properly Made
Buying a fibreglass pool direct is a great way to save thousands of your hard earned dollars. Fibreglass pool shell prices vary massively and all fibreglass pools look shiny and well made when new.  How can you tell if you are buying a quality low maintenance pool direct at an affordable price or buying the proverbial lemon and years of....

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Pool Lights - The Best Ways To Light Your DIY Pool
A pool light for your DIY pool is essential. The right placement of your pool light/s also makes a big difference to how your pool will look at night and how many lights you will need. Pool lights are as much about safe night swimming as it is about making your pool an awesome visual treat at night. Let's dive into (yep, pun intended!)....

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Which Type Of Swimming Pool Offers The Most Design Flexibility?
Concrete, fibreglass or vinyl liner pool shell? The photos all look great and so do the brochures. Pool shells, not matter what they are made from, have pro's and con's. How do you choose the right one for you? Start with answering the following questions and you'll be choosing the right type of pool for you and the space you have....

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