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Robotic Pool Cleaner vs Suction Pool Cleaners - Which Should I Buy?
All pools, DIY pools included, need to be cleaned. If a robot cleaner went nine rounds with a suction cleaner, who would win the title? Which does a better job of cleaning your pool in the least amount of time? Do you put some of your budget towards buying a robotic pool cleaner, suction pool cleaner or stick with manually vacuuming your....

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Pool Lights - The Best Ways To Light Your DIY Pool
A pool light for your DIY pool is essential. The right placement of your pool light/s also makes a big difference to how your pool will look at night and how many lights you will need. Pool lights are as much about safe night swimming as it is about making your pool an awesome visual treat at night. Let's dive into (yep, pun intended!)....

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How much does it cost to heat a pool?
The cost to heat a swimming pool is a hot topic (pun intended!) It seems a little weird to spend so much on a pool and only use it for 3 months a year doesn't it? So, is gas pool heating better than a heat pump? What about solar heating? What costs more to run? More importantly, how do you decide what is the best option for you and your....

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Cartridge versus Media Pool Filters - Which Is Best?
All pools need filters, including DIY pools. Pool filters remove the big organic stuff and the microscopic particles in your water which bacteria and algae spores like to feed on. Getting the right filter will mean the difference between safe, low maintenance, sparkling clear water or being on a first name basis with your local pool....

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Which Type Of Swimming Pool Offers The Most Design Flexibility?
Concrete, fibreglass or vinyl liner pool shell? The photos all look great and so do the brochures. Pool shells, not matter what they are made from, have pro's and con's. How do you choose the right one for you? Start with answering the following questions and you'll be choosing the right type of pool for you and the space you have....

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Maintaining Pool Water Quality - The 5 Things You Must Know
You've bought your fibreglass pool direct (or through a full price pool builder) and now your sparkling pool water is looking a little cloudy, the local pool shop has a rows and rows of chemicals that fix problems you've never heard of and your not really sure what you are supposed to do. Sound familiar? Yep, that's how 90% of new pool....

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Buying Pools Direct - How To Choose The Right Size Pool For Your Family
Your family is wondering which particular year you meant when, five years ago, you said "we'll have a pool in by the end of the year" and said pool has yet to appear. You've heard buying pools direct can speed up the process. Tape measure in hand you head out to the backyard to work out the biggest size pool you can possibly get. Just....

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What Is The Best Pump For My Pool? Single, Two or Variable Speed?
You've bought your pool direct as a fibreglass pool kit and the swimming is glorious. You knew having a pool would increase your power bill a bit but "not this much". Is there problem with your pool pump or is it the type of pump you have that is chewing up the electricity? So, what are the different types of pumps and why do you need to....

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Concrete Pools v Fibreglass Pools - Which Is Cheaper To Maintain?
Concrete and fibreglass swimming pools have clear differences in the ongoing cost to maintain and it's thousands of your hard earned after tax dollars. Just because one is cheaper than the other doesn't mean it is a better swimming pool for you. What is most important is choosing a pool that is the best fit for your family and annual....

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