Pool heating


How Can I Tell If My Heat Pump Is Leaking?
If your heat pump is running and you’re noticing water at the bottom of the unit or around the unit that you haven’t noticed previously, it is easy to think the worst and assume that your heat pump has sprung a mechanical leak. Before calling your heat pump manufacturer for a warranty claim or a service agent if outside of warranty, the....

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Can a heat pump be installed inside a shed?
When installing a swimming pool heat pump, a lot of customers ask whether they can put the heat pump inside an enclosed area, like a shed, acoustic box or their garage. The simple answer is yes, however, there is a reasonable sized but! The heat pump's exhaust fan (usually located on the front of the unit) pumps out a lot of super cold....

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How much does it cost to heat a pool?
The cost to heat a swimming pool is a hot topic (pun intended!). It seems a little weird to spend so much on a pool and only use it for 3 months a year, doesn't it? So, is gas pool heating better than an electric heat pump? What about solar heating? What costs more to run? More importantly, how do you decide the best option for you and....

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