Three Questions Most Buyers Have About DIY Fibreglass Pools

When it comes to DIY pools, we are often asked similar questions from pool buyers just like you. Fair enough too. Here are three questions that we hear lots of times about fibreglass pool shells and DIY pools.

Can DIY fibreglass pools be installed on sloping sites?

Yes. Today’s fibreglass pool shells are incredibly strong and can be installed on sloping sites. To make sure your DIY pool is level, whether concrete or fibreglass, you’ll need retaining walls. You can spend anywhere between $2,000 and $20,000+ on retaining walls depending on how much retaining is needed. If the ground where your fibreglass swimming pool is going has a slope, or your land is significantly higher or lower than your neighbours, arrange a retaining wall quote early in your process so you know what you cost you are up for.  

Can DIY fibreglass pool shells be lifted over two story houses?

Yes. We’ve yet to find a house that a DIY fibreglass pool shell cannot be crane lifted into. It is a question of how big a crane will you need to be able to reach over your house from the road and into your backyard. Crane hire costs between $300 and $1,000. If your street is busy, you may need the services of a traffic management company which can cost several thousand dollars as well.

Can DIY fibreglass pools be installed with a really narrow side of house access?

Yes. Whether concrete or fibreglass, a decent amount of excavated soil will need to be removed. If your side access is a very narrow .5m, your earth workers will need smaller equipment which adds to excavation and dirt removal time. As they say, time is money. As a rule of thumb, anything less than 1.5m wide access , the cost will start to increase. As a side note, make sure your quote includes dirt removal. The further you are from a dumping point, the higher the cost will be for installation of your DIY pool.

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Rohan Taylor
About The Author

Rohan Taylor

My wife and I grew up playing in swimming pools. Our daughters learnt to swim in our backyard fibreglass swimming pool. There is nothing quite like hearing kids splashing about and giggling. As pools do, our pool became a social magnet for friends, family and neighbours which we loved. Helping customers to have their own pool and saving customers thousands on their pool and equipment is the best job in the world.