What Does a Fibreglass Pool Cost?

There are a lot of different factors that affect the cost of a fibreglass pool. The single biggest influence on cost is the size and the depth of pool you choose, rather than the actual shape. In our free “An Unbiased Comparison Between Vinyl Liner, Concrete and Fibreglass Pools” e-Guide, we talk about costs in a lot more detail. Below is a short, sharp summary to whet your whistle. 

The starting point for a basic fibreglass pool installation by a full, service full price pool builder is $25,000 for a small fibreglass pool (4.5m x 2.7m) and up to $80,000 forMan and magniying glass an extra large fibreglass pool (11m x 4m) assuming good site access and good soil that doesn't have huge amounts of clay or rock. A pool builder will manage the entire process for you from council approvals through to pool fencing. The pool builder will (quite rightly) add on their profit margin which increases the price you pay significantly. If you were to buy a DIY pool kit, you would incur the same costs, however, you will save the hefty pool builder margin. This will put thousands in your back pocket. 

Basic installation includes excavation and pool, pump, filter, chlorinator, and concrete bond beam being installed to be compliant with Australian Standards 1839. Lights, paving, landscaping, retaining walls, patios, water features, pool fencing and additional equipment like cleaners and heating are additional costs. Pool buyers usually spend an additional $7,000 to $20,000 on these items.

Soil type, trees, infrastructure in the ground such as mains sewer lines and site access all impact costs. Always check if the cost of removing and dumping your excavated soil is included in the quote. Allow at least $1,000 for a small pool assuming a dumping site is fairly close by. If the truck has to travel longer distances per load, the cost can increase quickly. Ask for an itemised quote when getting pricing so you can see exactly what the costs are and what is included. 

If you want to save money to afford some of the extras or to keep your budget in check, buying a DIY fibreglass pool kit might be worth considering compared to using a full price, full service pool builder. You can install the pool as an Owner Builder or using a local licensed pool installer and save thousands. Click on the button below to learn more about these options. 


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Rohan Taylor

My wife and I grew up playing in swimming pools. Our daughters learnt to swim in our backyard fibreglass swimming pool. There is nothing quite like hearing kids splashing about and giggling. As pools do, our pool became a social magnet for friends, family and neighbours which we loved. Helping customers to have their own pool and saving customers thousands on their pool and equipment is the best job in the world.

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